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Topic - How to make it as an independent fashion Designer.
HI fashion designers We are planning a meetup sometime around Feb 2015 in tel aviv. Topic - How to make it as an independent fashion Designer. Being independent designer is hard But with help,chances of success increase tremendously. The evening will include a presentation of freshionup a "work shop" for those who wish to join. A talk about business plan , business creation and important tips on financial building of a small business and some surprises. Spread the word to any fashion designer you know. More coming up soon

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    This group's aim is to assist independent fashion designers in building their own business. The group will provide a supportive environment and community by offering real assistance and support. fashion designers sometimes find it is difficult to deal with the "business side" of being an independent designer and the need to build and run a business. The group will enable all to join forces together and cope with the challenges of running a business. Together its easier to create "fashion designers crowd wisdom". Most fashion designers share (most off) the same challenges and problems . They can share the solutions and the way to overcome it , as well. The mutual knowledge and community support will help members to avoid mistakes others already coped with and resolved. It can make life easier for all. if you are a fashion designer , Join this group today and create communal power and knolage of independent fashion designers. The group is led by the team of , A peer-to-peer marketplace, promoting Independent fashion designers, giving them critically needed business support. Help fashion designers be independent and work for themselves and not for someone else…

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