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If you are a Professional Electronic Engineer with wide knowledge in Electronics or/and you are Software Engineer experienced with Embedded C/C+, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows probably you are proud to call your self – Maker.

If you are entrepreneur or Start-up with brilliant idea – join to our team come get help and guide from Professional Makers that have the knowledge and experience in designing such a product.

Professional Makers and Innovators Join us to teach, learn and help by spreading “Know How To” and "Bridge the Gap" with Companies and Startup’s.

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Ready to create the next big Internet of Things device?
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With an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents an exploding market that will impact every aspect of our lives. Designers are busy creating a new generation of Internet-enabled products, spanning wearables, cars, thermostats, home appliances, and countless other applications.

integrates all the necessary IoT building blocks—from embedded processing and connectivity to sensors, security and software—into innovative and easy-to-use solutions. technologies help to conserve power, extend battery life, ensure data security and adhere to wireless protocols. Plus, tie it all together with a rich ecosystem of design tools and development partners. As a result you can easily create the next big IoT design.

IT cloud vs. IoT cloud
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The transition from the IT cloud to the IoT cloud has already started, and as the IT cloud was a journey, the transformation to support IoT applications will also be a journey. What’s the best way to go about this change? Make this a comprehensive approach that will make your IoT cloud sustainable as the market transitions forward.


Bridging the Gap - From Concept to Market
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When we have idea how to get the market, we are following a process of 3 main steps.

Choosing the technology to build our prototype A.S.A.P, wishing our idea will be pitched and investors will give the finance to build the next big thing.

If so we will Optimized Design for volume production and get the market with final product.

At least in theory.

In real life startup will choose available hardware platform like Arduino, just because it’s there and it giving the opportunity to make it fast - but those it the right technology?

All those cheap evaluation tools intend for learning or testing theory, they are not build for volume production and sophisticated Application.

Using the "Wrong" hardware Platform software team will spent at least 6 months to develop a working prototype and later in the best case additional 6 months to make it optimized for production. In the best case scenario Time period of 12 months.

When Hadrware is done - The software is started right ?

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Development WearaBLE products is easy and fun

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