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Temple Terrace Hard Courts

10901 Richlyne St. · Temple Terrace, FL


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We are a social, non-competitive group - not a tennis "league".

One analysis of 148 separate health studies found that people who cultivated a wide network of friends had a mortality risk 50 percent lower than those with weak ties. So, we are focused on the sport of tennis; plus using it as a contact point to cultivate a wide network of friends.

Our location has six free public hard courts, bathrooms, and a water fountain. There are also shaded stadium seating areas.

Most RSVP's occur just before we meet. We begin with a warm up of just hitting back and forth, then play short games in a round-robin style.

If a court opens up, and anyone wants to play singles, or long sets...that's fine will be on your own to spot that opening and make that happen with fellow players.


Cardio / 45 min. Warm up Program : For 2.0 level beginners and up, but all levels are welcome. Bring a friend. This Cardio Program is a great way to warm up, flex and build muscles making them more efficient at burning excess calories....while having fun with your fellow members old and new!

Some Benefits : Exercise for weight loss, Enhance skills, learn teamwork and ask others about a few techniques to improve your current abilities. We'll play fun easy tennis games and contests with and against players for points without the pressure of competition. Some drills and games may involve a short run from one end of the court to the other. Other drills allow you to practice your slicing, volleys and accuracy skills with the forehand and then backhand techniques.

After warm up, feel free to join the other TTTF members for the regular 7p-9pm All Skill Level meetup in progres.



Those who do not pay dues after 30 days of membership are removed. Removed members are not "banned", and can always rejoin if they wish. Dues pays the cost of this Meetup webpage, tennis balls, food at group parties 2-3x's a year, and misc. small holiday treats.



We do our best to discuss potential rain-outs in the Meetup comment section on the day of an event.



If you have children that need supervision, please don't bring them to the tennis court without providing them with someone, other than yourself, to give them supervision. Your tennis friends need your focus to be on the court.

Alternative tennis game ideas, just for fun:

Cross-Court Point Play
2 players play cross-court points until one player has reached a predetermined number. (Boundaries are from the singles sideline to the center service line with an imaginary extension of this line to the baseline.) Players start on the baseline. The player winning the point starts the next point.

No-Bounce Doubles
After you serve, you run toward the net. The serve is the only ball that can bounce. The receiver returns the ball and runs toward the net. With all four players near the net, the point is played out. If the ball bounces, or a team makes an error, the point is over and the opposing team wins a point. The next serve is served by your partner, and you continue to alternate the serve with your partner until one team has won 10 points. The serve then goes to the other team and you repeat the drill.

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