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Bear Awareness Program + Family Hike

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Tennessee WIld outings leader Erin Ouzts Durant spent this past summer as a seasonal ranger in Glacier National Park. Glacier is home to healthy populations of both Black Bear & Grizzly Bear.

Here in Tennessee, our Black Bear population is expanding, and as a result, bears are populating areas where they haven't been seen in decades. This program seeks to educate attendees about bears, and how to conduct yourself when hiking in bear country.

On Saturday October 26 at 10am, Erin will lead an information talk about Black Bears. The talk will include a discussion on Black Bear biology, including diet, behavior, geographic distribution, identification of scat and tracks, etc. She will show pictures of bears and discuss bear encounters from her experience at Glacier National Park.

We'll wrap up with a discussion about how to safely hike and camp in bear territory. After the classroom portion, we'll go for a short hike at Stringer's Ridge to further discuss bear habitat and potentially practice appropriate behavior when encountering a bear.

There is no group size limit for the talk, but the hike will be open to the first 20 folks who arrive and sign-up. This program is suitable for families. Join us!