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Wild cave trip to Globe Cave - near Lewisburg, TN

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Caving Trip for Beginner to Advanced

Globe Cave is a network-pattern cave with a surveyed length of 5,346 feet of passage. The larger passages are 15' high and 3' wide, but others are quite narrow and some are crawlways filled with silt. To the west the passages are blocked at the edge of the hill, and to the east the amount of clay fill becomes progressively greater. The more accessible portions lie southeast of the mouth. Many old names and inscriptions may be seen on the walls; the oldest noted with the date 1840. The cave is entered through the cellar of a house of which only the cellar remains today. This cave is on private property and the land owner has granted to our group permission to visit this cave.

Globe Cave is located about 50 miles due south of Nashville just off I-65.

MEETUP Time: @ 10:30am (CDT): Cracker Barrel, Franklin, TN, off I-65, exit #65.
HIKE DISTANCE: Our plan is to freely explore this network-pattern maze cave as small groups.
DIFFICULTY RATING: Complex. This is NOT a walking tour. And there is NO paid tour guide. This is a network-pattern cave where you will be walking upright, crawling, climbing, slogging through mud, etc.
DRIVE TIME: 40 MIN one way from the Franklin carpool.
ACTIVITY TIME: Approximately 3-4 hours inside the cave, depending on the size of our group turnout and how we break up into smaller groups to explore.

STOP. Before signing up for this event, it is highly recommended that you read this entire page for your own safety and for the safety of others in the group.

Beginner level cavers are welcome, but you must be in good physical health. Much of the cave is upright walking passages, but the farthest reaches require crawling on your hands and knees or belly-crawling. The itinerary for this horizontal cave, while not technically difficult, may require briefly walking on slippery surfaces, crawling through tight spaces, climbing up and down short, steep slopes, and possibly getting muddy.


We will park in a fenced field 200' from the cave entrance. We will don our cave gear and enter the cave through Bobo's Still House. Inside, we will split up and explore in smaller groups of 2-3 persons minimum.

From the map, there is a small waterfall to the southwest. Can you find it?

There are a few formations in two sections of this cave. Can you find them?

There is a deep well in the southern most section. Can you find it?

There are several dated signatures (among the graffiti) from the 1800's. Printed maps to these signatures will be available to anyone that would like to locate them.

This cave has a fair amount of litter and recent graffiti (non-historic) in it. While I can't do anything about the graffiti (in this one visit), I can pack out some of the litter. I will bring trash bags to remove what I can, you are invited to help me. I will bring a couple of litter grabbers (to reach items down in crevices) and a small screwdriver to dig impacted pieces out of the mud. With several of us attacking this problem, we may be able to remove all of the litter.

Required Items:

Caving or Climbing Helmet (See Notes below for more info on helmets) Three sources of light (including your headlamp) Extra batteries for your main lights Hiking boots with aggressive tread---NO tennis shoes. Gloves and soft knee pads. Rubber or nitrile dipped gardening gloves work well. Volleyball kneepads work well. Kneepads that have a cloth or canvas surface work best, not a hard plastic surface. Other pads for shins and elbows recommended, but optional. Small backpack, daypack, or "fanny" pack to carry water, snacks, batteries, etc. Bring webbing (hand line) if you have it. It might come in handy on the steep sections. If you get to a tight passage that looks promising, bring something to dig with. Trash bags to pack your dirty post-cave clothing. A towel to sit on for the ride home. A FUN attitude!!! FINAL THOUGHTS:
Please offer your carpool driver gas money.
My estimation is that we will emerge from the cave between 3:30 and 4:30pm (CDT). However, it is very easy to leave this cave at any time (and re-enter).
Please RSVP with integrity. If you've signed up, then learn you cannot attend, please change your RSVP to "No, Can't Go". Due to limited space, there are no Guests permitted. Guests should join this meetup group, then sign up for the trip.
NOTES OF HELMETS: If you do not have one, you can inquire with other members if they have one you can borrow or rent. There are no rentals and no free helmets available at the cave site. Appropriate helmets ( can be purchased at REI in Brentwood or online, or you can check out our Sponsor, Out 'N About Outfitters ( in Murfreesboro to get 20% off of your new helmet from their catalog ( $40 to $50 is a small investment to make to protect your head; you can also use this helmet on our outdoor rock climbing and rappelling events.