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Fri Night 🎾 @ Pasir Ris Sports Centre ( High Beginner - Intermediate )
Hello everyone! Attached are the details; Court Bookings and Duration - Courts 1 & 2 [masked]) What to bring? (Host will provide the balls) - Racquet - Towel - Water bottle - Extra clothes to change ( optional ) How do our sessions work? - Doubles and occasional singles - Mostly rallies and occasional games plus drills - Rotation (every 20 mins) to ensure each member has a fair amount of play time What is the payment for each pax? -$5 ( 11 pax turnout ) -$6 ( 9-10 pax turnout ) -$7 ( 8 pax turnout ) What are the extra net fees for? - Purchasing of new balls when needed - Organising ad hoc events/parties for the group Court Etiquette - Try not to keep hitting to the same player on the opposite side for doubles - Please avoid spouting any vulgarities/profanities - Avoid harsh criticisms whenever players commit unforced errors/misses the ball RSVP/Wait list Policies & Etiquette - Be responsible when you RSVP - The host/s will inform those on wait list at least 3 days before the session - Max limit is 6 for 1 court , 11 for 2 courts, 15 for 3 courts and 19 for 4 courts - At times we can accommodate just 1-2 more, but they must not mind rotating - Kindly avoid any last min cancellations 6hrs prior to the session - No shows would not be tolerated - Anyone who does a no show at least 3 times, we would not hesitate to remove him or her - Even though no fees will be incurred for last min cancellations/ no shows, please do not take it for granted. There are others on the wait list as well. So please spare a thought/consideration for them. Should you have any queries, I can be reached @[masked]. Thank you and have a nice day! :)

Pasir Ris Sports Complex

120 Pasir Ris Central Singapore 519640 · Singapore

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What we're about

When do we post the sessions? (2 weeks prior to the session)

Mon Night (will try to post on Sun afternoon)

Tues Night (Wed night)

Fri Night (Fri/Sat afternoon)

Sat Morning (Sat afternoon)

Sat Night Intermediate (Fri afternoon)

Sat Night (Sun afternoon)

Sun Morning (Sun afternoon)

Motto- Ever tried, ever failed. Doesn't matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Vision- Tennis as a platform to hopefully touch lives and encourage people to keep fit while having fun!

For coaching lessons and enquiries, kindly contact Ian @ 85359116.

What is it about? Last updated: 01 Aug 18

Have you ever thought of playing tennis but not sure how to start? Feel like playing tennis but no idea where to play? Have you always wanted to play tennis but there are no slots/vacancies available be it in the East/Central etc?

Look no more, this lovely group is specially catered for beginners and recreational players. The main purpose is to socialize, have some fun & laughter and at the same time play some good tennis! :)

Why join us?

- Sessions are incredibly flexible ( be it rallies, drills and games which is optional )

- Sessions are really stress-free ( no pressure/ harsh criticism when making mistakes )

- We have a very stable organisation/leadership team

- We play on all surfaces ( Hard, Indoor hard though quite rare, synthetic grass and clay )

- Provide free chocolate/snacks/wine on night sessions occasionally

Where we play? (Mostly in the East and Central)

- Pasir Ris Sports Centre

- Fairmont Hotel Savitar

- Farrer Park Tennis Centre

- Tampines Safra

- Our Tampines Hub

- Heartbeat Bedok Tennis Centre

- CCAB MOE Evans Rd ( less frequent )

- St Regis Hotel ( less frequent )

- Kallang Tennis Centre ( less frequent )

- Tanglin TennisInc ( natural clay ) ( less frequent depending on weather & availability)

Typical schedule of the sessions

- Tues Night @ Pasir Ris Sports Complex / Tampines Safra

- Fri Night @ Our Tampines Hub / Tampines Safra

- Sat Morning @ Pasir Ris Sports Complex / Tampines Safra

- Sat Night @ Fairmont Hotel & Heartbeat Bedok Tennis Centre / CCAB / Kallang (if no courts at Heartbeat)

- Sun Morning @ Farrer Park Tennis Centre/ Fairmont Hotel

- PH Morning/Night @ Farrer Park Tennis Centre/Fairmont Hotel/Pasir Ris

- Mon Night @ Farrer Park Tennis Centre/ CCAB ( ad-hoc basis)

- Sat Night @ Tanglin Tennis Academy/INC ( once in a while )

- Sat Night @ St Regis ( once in a while )

* Subjected to changes ( timing, location & court availability)

*Based strictly on a rotational system with every 1 to 2 people entering and exiting the court every 20 minutes


- Fairmont PH Weekdays Morning ( 8-10 per pax 2 hours)

- Fairmont Weekends Morning ( 10-12 per pax 2 hours )

- Fairmont Night ( 13-15 per pax 2 hours )

- St Regis Indoors ( depending on the no of hours and people )

- Tampines Safra (4-6 per pax 2 hours)

- Other public locations ( 5-7 per pax 2 hours )

* The extra net fees will be used for the buying of new balls and other events like party/gathering apart from tennis

RSVPs & Waitlist

For all of our sessions, those on the waitlist, the host/s would pm you at least 2-3 days before the session on whether you are confirmed for the session because there might be last min cancellations/ no-shows. Do monitor the rsvp list. Rsvp list will close 45mins to 1 hour prior to the session.

Please try to avoid any last min cancellations unless it's really necessary/urgent to be fair to those on wait lists.

Members who do a no-show/last min cancellation will have to pay as well to be fair to those on the waitlist and to the rest on the confirmed list (as they have to end up paying more to cover the court & ball fees).

Unless there are valid reasons (emergency/injury and etc), we can waive it off. However, should members do it more than 3 times, we reserve the rights to remove him/her for the benefit of other avid players.

Safety policy

The group takes health & safety of every individual very seriously.

Members are required to take note of the following to ensure your safety during the sessions;

- Do some stretches right before and after the sessions

- Take a rest/lengthy break (when needed) if you are unwell

- Drink sufficient water the night before and especially during the day sessions

- Inform the host/s or any other members near you if you are not feeling good during the sessions.

- Have enough rest during the night especially if you are joining the day sessions

- Ensure that you are hydrated during the sessions

Inform the host/s immediately and seek medical attention if;

-Inability to continue physical activity due to extreme fatigue

- Nausea/diarrhea/vomiting

- Change in mental status, for e.g. confusion, delirium, disorientation, seizures

- Moderate to severe strains/torn ligaments etc

Nearest hospital/medical facilities;

Pasir Ris Sports Centre (Changi General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, Raffles Medical Changi Airport Terminal 2 & 3)

Tampines Safra /Our Tampines Hub/ Heartbeat Bedok (Changi General Hospital, Raffles Medical Changi Airport Terminal 2 & 3)

Fairmont Hotel /Farrer Park/ CCAB (Tan Tock Seng, Mount Elizabeth Orchard & Novena, KK Hospital, Raffles Hospital)

Have a nice day ahead! :)

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