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Tennis Player,

We're connecting players on the tennis courts throughout Los Angeles from Westside Beaches to West LA, Downtown, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley.

We allow players to post meetups. So feel that it is acceptable to promote an event that you will take ownership of and we'll let the meetup group know about it.

We'll be running certain tennis socials, weekend tournaments and get togethers for the passionate tennis players who want to play competitive tennis. If you want to meet up with other tennis players in Los Angeles then you should definitely check us out.

2019 Tennis Line-Up:

Non-League Play:

Tennis Partner Program & Tennis Ladder – Always Open

2019 Singles Leagues:

Spring Season #2 - April 2nd to May 26th

Summer Season - June 12th to Aug. 4th

Fall Season - Aug. 22nd to Oct. 13th

2019 Doubles Leagues:

Spring Doubles - Feb. 27th to April 28th

Summer Doubles - May 22nd to July 21st

2019 Tourney’s:

May Tourney - Starts May 8th

July Tourney - Starts July 18th

We hope to see you join one of our upcoming programs. To join any of these programs you can just go to our join page:

https://www.tennislosangeles.com/join (http://www.tennislosangeles.com/join)

-Steve C.

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July Tourney

Needs a location

********************************** To join the July Tourney please just go through our Join Page: https://www.TennisLosAngeles.com/join ********************************** How does the TennisLosAngeles Tournament Work? Every Match Counts Tennis Tournament Basic Concept Our tournaments are a single elimination format with a consolation bracket. Meaning you are guaranteed at least 2 matches. This tournament format will not be played at a single location over a weekend instead players are given 7 to 10 days to play each round's match. Our tournaments will be mixed gender unless we have particularly strong female enrollment in a city. The tournaments will be singles based until we receive enough response to open it up for doubles. Players will be grouped in brackets with players no greater than .5 of their current TLN League Rating. Meaning Skilled - 3.0 players will be matched with other 3.0 players and at most with Competitive - 3.5 level players. Competitive - 3.5 level players could be grouped with Advanced - 4.0 players but will not have Elite 4.5 level players in their bracket. Our Guarantee We need at least 6 players to make a tournament bracket. If we can NOT reach this criteria then we will refund your entry fee and give you the next tournament for no cost. Our hope is to run multiple skill level brackets for each tournament. We are NOT going to show early enrollment for the tournaments. Also the 7-day money back guarantee expires as soon as the tournament starts. Tournaments will not allow for late enrollment. Leveling All tournament players will need to have played 4 league/season or tennis ladder legacy matches before they can enter into a tournament. Players will be entered into the tournament that associates with their TLN's Player Rating. If a player wants to participate in a second draw at a rating higher than their Player Rating they will be allowed too. Your Schedule and Availability These tournaments will be kicked off on Thursday's giving the first round opponents two weekends to play the first match and then each following round will have a full week to play the match. Players need to be local for at least the first 3 weeks after kickoff. Players with 1-week work trips or week long vacations during the first 3 weeks shouldn't participate in the tournament. Seedings The TennisLosAngeles staff will seed 25% of the participants based veteran status (Most number of matches played in their career) with the program. If we have 8 players enrolled we'll seed the top 2 players, 16 players the top 4 players. The rest of the players will be randomly entered into the draw. Consolation Bracket We will run a consolation bracket for the players who lost their first match. Seedings for the consolation bracket will be randomly selected by the TennisLosAngeles staff. The winner of the consolation bracket will receive a $25 Tennis Warehouse Gift Card. Where to Play? Because the seeding of the tournament is mainly randomize the higher seed will NOT have home court preference. The league strongly suggests you meet half-way to cut the commute in half for both players. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts (http://www.tennislosangeles.com/TennisCourts) that have user submitted ratings. If two players need guidance they can certainly email our staff for suggestions. Playing Format The preferred playing format for tournaments should be 2 sets with a 3rd set tie-breaker or 2 out of 3 sets. If the two players can't agree the default format will be the 2 sets with a 3rd set tie-breaker. In NYC we will accept 10 game pro set results mainly due to court availability. Target Audience This will be our most competitive format. The target audience is for the player who are good sports and love to play competitive matches. Prize Pool The prize pool will be based upon enrollment in each bracket. A tournament can have multiple brackets. The tournament prize structure is based around our partner Tennis Warehouse (TW). 6 to 10 players: $50 TW Gift Card for the winner*, $25 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for Consolation bracket winner 11 to 16: $100 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $50 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for Consolation winner 17 to 24: $150 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $50 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for 3rd & 4th place, $50 TW GC for Consolation winner 25+: $200 TW GC for the winner* + Trophy, $100 TW GC for Finalist, $25 TW GC for 3rd and 4th place, $50 TW GC for Consolation winner All tournament champions will be receive an entry into the End of the Year National Tourneys at the champions discounted rate. Cost to Participate Tourney's have a new cost structure for 2017. First ten players will pay only $19.95. Next ten players will pay $22.95 and any following players will pay $24.95. Join Today!! So Join Today (http://www.tennislosangeles.com/join) and we'd be happy to get you enrolled into the next tournament.

Fall Flex Season

Needs a location

How does a TennisLosAngeles Season / League run? The league advertises the season dates and builds a queue of committed players for the season. Kickoff Day - Aug. 22nd The start day of the season, players are sent a kickoff email that contains important information about the league, the link where your league standings and players contact information. We guarantee 6 playing partners at your playing level, but have been averaging closer to 15+ partners in most cities. Your Task - "Flexible Scheduling" After this kickoff email is sent, it is the player's task to communicate with other players. Players should work with their partners to find an agreeable time and location to play the match. While TennisLosAngeles doesn't mandate your playing schedule, it is recommended that players schedule at least one match per week. By request of the players, we started to allow players to play 1 rematch per season. The regular season is all about playing as much as you can. As of Jan. 1st, 2019 we've had 724 players play more than 20 matches in a season. Where to Play? Play at your local free tennis courts, tennis parks, condo courts or tennis clubs. The league strongly suggests that players jointly try to pick a tennis court location convenient to both. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts (http://tennislosangeles.com/TennisCourts), including # of courts, lighting, hitting walls, etc. We strive to keep this list up-to-date TennisLosAngeles sets up a must play dates to push players out on the courts. The final deadline is the date marking the end of the season, at which point players with 5 wins will qualify for a post-season playoff to determine the league champion. How to Play? Players can use three semi-standard playing formats: 2 out of 3 sets, 2 sets with 10 point super tie-breaker or the 10-game pro set (First to 10, used when court time is limited). Playoffs Each season concludes with a playoffs where players with anywhere from 3 to 5 season wins qualifies for a single elimination tourney. The champion is awarded based upon the league Prize Pool (https://www.tennislosangeles.com/info/prize_pool3?From=408). Each singles league champion also receives a playing entry into the National Tourney (https://www.tennislosangeles.com/info/2019_EOY_MIAMI_tourney) which is already scheduled for Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne - Dec. 6-8, 2019. Join Today!! Full price is $34.95 to play in a season. BUT the earlier you sign up we typically offer early sign-up discounts. Just go to the Join Page (http://tennislosangeles.com/join) and complete the short form. We'd be happy to find you dedicated tennis playing partners.

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Summer Doubles Season

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