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Sunday Indoor Tennis

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8 people went

Price: $25.00 /per person

East Brunswick Racquet Club

11 Ruth Street · East Brunswick, NJ

How to find us

The courts are in Loehmann’s Plaza just off of Route 18 South. We have court numbers 2 & 3.

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Price: The price for remainder of the season ending Sunday May 18, 2014 is $199 for 9 weeks which includes courts, new balls and use of locker room for taking shower etc. Also still honoring bulk purchases for more weeks for $23/week which can give you the flexibility of picking weeks you are sure of playing along with saving of $2/week.
- It is an excellent deal as this price as we have been able to secure the prime time rather than early bird or late night odd timings.
- For non-committed players the price is $25/session. The club needs the payment before-hand for the season and we are behind in our last installment, so it is highly encouraged to either commit to the rest of the season or buy in advance the weeks in one shot.
- Committed players guarantee the play as compared to non-committed players for the season apart from the savings of around 10%.
- Right now we have some committed players and some spots left which we would prefer to be confirmed for the rest of indoor season. We play singles and/or doubles games depending upon how many show up.
- Currently as we do not have 8 committed players for the whole season, we have this concept of "9th player" who is going to share the court time with others. We do not have back-up players. We normally play 4 or more sets, so this 9th player will be sitting out for 1 set and playing remaining 3 or more sets. Full time committed players get the privilege, followed by half timers and then the one-timers.

Format: The format is:

* Warm-up: We begin our game by warming up through knocking some balls. This also fill the waiting time nicely for others who for some reason are running behind. Suggested time is around 5 minutes, with 1 minute for serves practice.
* Teaming/Pairing: As currently we have 2 reserved courts (#s 2 & 3) for us. Players less than 3 rating (beginners & advance beginners) take court#2 and players more than 3 rating (intermediate & advanced) take up court#3. Players can pick their partners for the day. Ladies get a chance to make their choices first. Attempt is made to have the balanced teams to have the good tennis.
* Game
- We play 1 set and follow the standard rules of tennis.
- First-Ball-In (FBI) is only for the first set of the day.
- Sides are rotated on every odd number of games such 1, 3, 5 etc.
- In case of 6-6, the set is settle through tie-break.
- The scores are to be spoken out loud by the server after every point, so that there is no confusion or conflict during or at the end of the game.
* After Set:
- The winner pair stays together and either there can a challenge re-match or change of partners to balance the level. Winners of one court can play with winners of the other court.
* Social: Depending on the mood and liking of the group, we can go out to eat, drink, and chit-chat somewhere close-by after the game.

Miscellaneous other stuff:
- Players get tips by other players if they are open to improve their games. There is a healthy friendly environment and nobody should feel offended.
- Bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
- Meetup will be canceled in cases of inclement weather.

Bring your friends. All levels from beginners to advanced are welcomed.
Make new friends, improve your game, have fun along with a great work-out!