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Here's a link to Thomas A. Edison Park with directions where we play:

- Highways: From NJ Turnpike, take exit 10 and then Rt 514 West. From Garden State Parkway (GSP) take exit for Rt 287. From Rt 287 > take Route 1 South > Bare left onto Main St., Route 531 (do not get on Route 1) > follow to end > make right onto Woodbridge Ave. (Rt. 514).
- From Woodbridge Ave. (Rt. 514) take the exit for Mill Rd.
- Pass Middle-sex County College on the left side.
- Make 2nd left into park. Do not go inside the college main gate which is one left before at the light.
- Make another left in the park and cross the soccer fields on the right side and a baseball field in the left side.
- At the very end of the park, there are 2 sets of courts. The first set has 4 courts. The second set has more courts, where we meet by default.

We play singles and/or doubles games depending upon how many show up.

The format is:
* Introduction: we huddle to get to know each other especially the first timers. In introduction we cover our name, where we live, what we do, tennis ranking if we know or level such as intermediate, anything else, suggestions, improvements, feedback etc etc.
* Teaming/Pairing: Then we pair up to play doubles. Players can pick their partners for the day. Ladies get a chance to make their choices first. Attempt is made to have the balanced teams to have the good tennis.
* Warm-up: We warm up by knocking some balls. Suggested time is around 10 minutes, with 1 minute of serves practice.
* Games: Stronger teams take the corner left-most court. Next courts are taken by intermediate level players, and finally beginner level players.
- We play 1 set and pretty much follow the standard rules of tennis such as rotating sides on every odd number of games such 1, 3, 5 etc.
- It is requested that the scores are spoken loud by the server after every point, so that there is no confusion or conflict during or at the end of the game.
- The winner pair stay together and continue playing against the new challengers, who are the winners on the right side of the next court.
- The losers move to the left, split and form new pairs, hoping to find winning combination.
- Ultimately there is one pair who are the "winners of the day". This way games are competitive and more interesting.
- Players who are interested in playing singles, can apply the same format as in doubles.
* Social: Depending on the mood and liking of the group, we can go out to eat, drink, and chit-chat somewhere close-by after the game.

Miscellaneous other stuff:
- Players get tips by other players if they are open to improve their games. There is a healthy friendly environment and nobody should feel offended.
- Bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
- Please bring a can of new / practice balls to play on hard Courts.
- Meetup will be canceled in cases of:
* When no one signs-up (less than 2).
* Bad weather or rain.

Bring your friends. All levels from beginners to advanced are welcomed.
Make new friends, improve your game, have fun along with a great work-out!

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