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TRE is a simple, yet innovative series of seven exercises and stretches that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. TRE gently activates a reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system and encouraging the body to return back to a state of balance and harmony.

Created by world-renowned trauma expert Dr. Berceli, TRE supports the human nervous system to “down-regulate” in order to relieve common human physiological and psychological challenges such as:
*sleep issues
*chronic muscle tension
*digestive issues
*chronic stress
*anger issues
*muscular soreness
-and much more!

TRE effectively addresses all these issues because it restores autonomic nervous system communication to and from the brain stem, allowing the body to find its natural equilibrium.

I am posting this class as a meet-up in order to reach as many people as need relief from human suffering. I am a certified TRE Provider, and I do individual work, but I’m aiming to Provider cheaper options for those who need it most, and often cannot afford it. If we can create a large enough community of mutual support through TRE, I can begin the offer free classes. But that will require building a foundation first, so I have the resources to give on a progressively larger scale.

There is a phenomenon called “Limbic Resonance,” which is a bond that happens naturally through shared experiences. This phenomenon is particularly powerful in TRE groups that practice together regularly. Limbic Resonance exists in all mammals because of the neurological attachment system built into that part of the “emotional brain” we all share. If you want to deepen your bond with a loved one, a TRE practice together in a group can strengthen your bond at an attachment level of the nervous system; it’s similar to the bond you feel when you escape danger in a teamwork situation in that your nervous systems synchronicity up together like a mother and infant does for survival. A common example might be the bond of teammates who persevere through tremendous hard work and obstacles to win a championship...except in TRE the bond happens through mutual healing together. Some prefer to enjoy the experience individually; but whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, the bonds are there, and this TRE experience cultivates “neurological safety” within the body just like an infant experiences when cradled by his/her mother. This experience is because of an increase in the hormone “oxytocin” that is produced and utilized during the TRE process.

Do you know anyone in need of deep support, but have not found anything that works for them? I do this because I am a trauma survivor, and I know deeply what it’s like to suffer daily with no apparent solution in sight. There are always ways to heal, integrate, and reconnect to our wholeness, but we must learn to come together in order to find what works for us all. Let’s create a community of deep peace, healing, and support together.

Here is a link to a short animation of the TRE process:

For more information call or text Mike at (215)292-9834

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