What we're about

The scientific knowledge and tools are now in place to develop and deploy human level intelligence for solving the world's most challenging problems.

Challenges like Personalized and Autonomous Healthcare, Driverless Cars, Personalized Learning, and Energy Consumption are only a few of the challenges facing humanity as we head into the third decade of the 21st century.

We at Razor Labs believe that the AI revolution can bring huge economic and societal benefits and to make what was once only available to a few, available to all. Human productivity, Safety, and Quality of Living.

At Razor Labs, an Israeli based company, we believe we have developed an innovative framework for that model. It is centered on two fundamental pillars:
Achieving and then exceeding human level accuracy, and, ensuring economic scalability.

We believe that solutions that fail to achieve these, run the risk of ending up as simply a very expensive science experiment.

Our Ideology is simple:

a. To develop AI solutions for a variety of high-impact challenges.

b. To Automate the use of AI models at every scale.

c. To transform the worlds leading AI research into business applications.

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