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Mission 1: Defeated the children's squid monster and turned in Robin Hood to the police ($4k each, I think--don't have my notes with me right now)

Mission 2: Should Myopic books hire Loretta? No, they should not--she was bullied into working for the Black Court. Loretta is now staying at Father Forthill's ($800 each?)

Unofficial mission A: Freed the Black Court's prisoners and destroyed a main stronghold spooky mansion. With the prisoners gone, the Black Court's power sources are also gone...for now! Sexy catboy (Sam) found his mother's Egyptian bracelet in the wreckage and the boxing priest (sorry I don't have my sheets and records with me right now...will update with proper names) found an artifact that may lead the way to one of the Swords. It seems like it would fit into Sam's "Osirian Eye" artifact. Sam also has a lead that his mother may be in the Chicagoland area--or was at one point in the recent past.

Mission 3: Extra! Extra! Scientists are baffled at the unearthly sudden drop of temperature at the Cabrini Green project complex. A grant has been offered for $3k (each player) to discover why this random several-block, crime-ridden area in the Northside suffers from -50 degree wind chills and a -10 degree temperature. You know why it's cold: Winter Queen favorites, The Icicles, live here, feeding off destruction and releasing cold. As you ventured into the project, you discovered that two warring gangs--twerk study and greenpeace-- had discovered powerful magic circles that instantly kill any human who enters. Using a combination of faerie lore and wizard Sight, you realize that these magic circles go straight down into the earth--deep within the earth. There may be others. These circles are the result of a century-old spell by a mysterious wizard, who teamed up with both Winter and Summer Queens. Why, you wonder. The circles pop up from time to time and require a certain amount of human sacrifices before they disappear. Mysterious! You reason with the two gangs, who agree to work together, which should bring the temperature back to normal. (You'll have to remind me what we did with the mind spell wizards--did we send them to the white council for punishment or did we just kill them?)

Mission 4: