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"...and an Ares Macrotechnology spokesman declined to comment.

"In local news, residents from the Arcology and nearby apartment buildings are still reeling from the shock of a terrorist attack on the nearby Microcode Industries office complex. An unreported number of corporate personnel were murdered during the intense firefight and magical fusillade that spilled out into an adjacent residential structure following a massive explosion; explained by experts as a botched attempt to topple the building.

"A spokeswoman from Microcode, a subsidiary of Renraku Computer Systems, blamed the attack on "radical luddites" intent on destroying what they call "Abominable Intelligence":

"Neither we nor our parent corporation do any such research, of course, but even after ten years some people are still looking for a target to embody their fears."

"The Arcology Housing and Commercial Enclave across the street from the MI building was infamously taken over from 2059 to 2061 by the Artificial Intelligence "Deus", who trapped and murdered nearly 90,000 individuals in the 2 years the UCAS military lay siege to the pyramid, ultimately leading to Renraku abandoning its presence in the city.

"Knight Errant sources speaking on condition of anonymity expressed doubt of terrorist motivations but refused to elaborate other than to say that the attackers utilized sophisticated information warfare techniques to eradicate evidence and that an investigation is underway.

"The spokesman for Renraku Computer Systems declined to comment."