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Cyberpunk (NWOD) - New Chronicle - Accepting Two New Players

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Accepting two new players

current players - Ashley, Russel, Mike,

The first chronicle, PANTHER is about to conclude, this is a good chance for people who are interested in the cyberpunk game to join.

In the last episode, our heroes? finally obtained a copied of what can be pass off as PANTHER.

In this episode, our heroes? without trying to recover themselves, decided to go straight off, and deliver PANTHER to complete the mission. Our heroes? arrived at the junction between the under city and the upper city. Taking the elevator to the destination floor (around 300) our heroes? were ambushed mid-way by an unknown party, an elevator / air fight broke out, with our heroes? badly pin down and out numbered. The ambush party seems to consists of mainly of robots, approaching from all directions. Some with Jet Pack, some climbing the elevator, and some approaching from another elevator. After much of shooting, ducking, disassembly, hacking, jumping between elevator (on 250th floor), cutting of elevator, and hard work. Our heroes was able to escaped the party of six, and head there way to deliver PANTHER.

Would there be anymore challenge awaits our heroes? between their path and deliver? In their currently beat-up state, would our heroes? be able to handle the challenges on the way to deliver PANTHER to complete the mission? is the recipient really the true recipient of the mission? who are they? what are their purpose? will the copy of PANTHER able to fool the receiver? what of the pissed-off GenTech and other enemies?

To find out, join us in our next episode of Cyberpunk.

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