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NEW YORK(AP)-The Westhampton home of Johannes Klein, founder and CEO of Klein Pharmaceuticals was destroyed in an explosion this weekend, killing Klein and 67 others. The FBI and local law enforcement swarmed the scene shortly after the blast and began investigating the compound to uncover the cause of the explosion, in the process locating an underground Pigment manufacturing facility built in the basement of the home. DEA agent Ahmed West reported that "Klein's home seems to have been the major Pigment manufacturing base in the western hemisphere. We have begun a more significant investigation of their activities."

The company's web page was seized earlier today, along with its accounts and holdings. The privately-owned company employed 300, and was most known for their rheumatoid arthritis drug Enabel. Of the 67 other bodies at the scene, 12 have been identified. Agent West said that, "several of the dead appear to have been ex-Terrel and Squib Pharmaceuticals personnel. The Pigment production apparatus seems to have been displaced from that company to this one."

Authorities are still unclear as to the source of the explosion, although one FBI source remarked that drug manufacturing ingredients are often volatile and may explode without warning. Although FBI and DEA agents are still puzzled as to the cause of these events and findings, they are confident that much of the Pigment manufacturing capability has been dismantled by the destruction of this facility and the dissolution of Terrel and Squib.

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