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TerryFit offers group training as well as individual packages suited to your health goals. Our fitness focus is endurance, strength, balance, fun, and overall confidence.

Warrior (Group or Private Training): 4 day a week outside heart pumping workout. Guaranteed to burn massive calories and tone.

Day1 TerryFit Hike – To build stamina and endurance while on an incline. Combo of brisk walks with bursts of 15-30 second sprints, accompanied by lunges, backward walking, and breath work. Hikes begin and end with stretching.

Day2 TerryFit Stairs – To build over all strength in legs, glutes, and core, and increase endurance. Start with a 5 minute warmup before conquering the stairs. Jumping jacks and planks in between each stair set. Option to jog up the block in replace of a stair set. Stairs sessions begin and end with stretching.

Day3 TerryFit Beach – The ultimate calorie burn to rid your body of those excess pounds for the summer. Exercising on sand offers not only amazing views but also a huge calorie blast with serious results. Protect your body and prevent injuries while working out on the sand.

Day4 TerryFit Circuit Training – Our only indoor training which offers multiple stations for a HIIT workout session involving jump rope, BOSU ball balance squats, light handheld weights, planks, mountain climbers, oh my! We are now ready for TerryFit Recovery!

**Warrior Training offers group or private sessions. Private sessions are accompanied with nutritional and supplemental recommendations, as well as tailor made workouts and hours.**

Group Rates

Intro Class $20

Single Class Drop In $30

Week Package $80

Personal Training

1 Individual 60 Minute Session: $80

10 60 Minute Fitness Sessions: $750

20 60 Minute Fitness Sessions: $1400

​1 Individual 30 Minute Session: $40

10 30 Minute Fitness Sessions: $375


30 Minute Fitness Sessions: $700

Dance It Out!

Tone your rear, legs, arms and core with this amazingly fun 60min follow along dance cardio class. Begins with high tempo 20 minute dance cardio follow along. Enters into the strengthening section. Ends with mindful stretching. You do not need to know how to dance!

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First Timer $15

Drop In $20

Three-Step Recovery

1 Breakdown

Muscle Vibration

Our DMS and Hypervolt devices deliver strong vibration, oscillation, and percussion to areas of need. The use of vibration reduces stiffness by signaling inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system.

$1/min (15min minimum)

2 Flush

Compression Therapy (Rapid Recovery)

​We use the Normatec Pulse Pro recovery system, the most advanced rehab recovery solution on the market. They system enhances the movement of fluid,

The compression reduces swelling and inflammation in the upper and lower body following surgery, injury or post-workout recovery.

20 Minute Session — $25

30 Minute Session — $35

40 Minute Session — $50

3 Heal

Sports Massage+ Stretch

Using our muscle/fascial stripping, PNF, and active release techniques, we break down adhesion which can eventually lead to injury and tight short muscles. Our technique elongates these muscles, accelerating recovery and preventing injuries. Can be done before or after an exercise session, or for injury treatment to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

50 Minute Session - $85

5-Pack- $400

Therapeutic Massage

Our intense hands on massage therapy sessions are used to reduce muscle tension, quickly recover from intense training, heal your body, increase range of motion, reduce TMJ symptoms, digestive disorders, headaches, stress, and increase circulation.

60 Minute Session - $90

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