What we're about

Meet other developers who enjoy the agility and quality in writing automated tests. Come and hear experts demonstrate new tools and techniques. Participate in discussions on how to solve particular challenges. We target developers and expect to span both introductory and advanced subjects, including:

Experience exchange, Q&A

Web UI testing using Selenium or WatiN

Testing embedded software

Test Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development

When to use stubs and mocks

Google Test (C++ testing framework)

Jasmine (JavaScript testing framework)

General tips for TDD

This group is not restricted to particular programming languages, tools or platforms.

Sign up for this meetup to be notified of upcoming events. Contact the organizer (Rob Myers) with requests for particular subjects you would like to see covered, or if you would like to contribute a presentation.

Subjects that have already been covered and that might be taken up again include:

Introduction to Automated Testing

How to structure your JavaScript application for testability

JavaScript testing with QUnit

TDD coding dojo

Past events (20)

Webinar: How, and When, to do TDD and BDD Together

Needs a location

Intro to TDD and Mob Programming

Needs a location

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