Testability - Ash Winter & René de Sain

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17:30 - 18:00: Doors open
18:00 - 18:30: Dinner
18:30 - 19:30: Shift Testability - Ash Winter
19:30 - 20:30: Exploratory Testing like a Hacker - René de Sain
20:30 - ~ Drinks

Shift Testability - Ash Winter

Testers. Always worried about something. How will I survive an agile transformation? Almost fended that off and I have to survive "devops" somehow. You've shifted left and right so many times I imagine its hard to remember where you started from. The most effective direction of shift was always within a testers gift, but wasn't obvious to them. As they were struggling with hard to test systems and deploying the same tactics to cope:

* Doing more testing?
* Hiring more testers?
* Bringing in SDETS to do automation?
* Firing and hoping to forget into Production?

Time to shift our roles towards testability. Testable systems are easier to support and maintain. Being able to observe, control and understand systems is a unifying force across disciplines, from those build to those who operate systems. So many testers talk about whole team approaches to testing but do not talk about testability. Without addressing testability, hard to test often defeats your desire for a whole team approach.

With this in mind, I'll cover the following:

* Examples of the benefits of an enhanced testability focus in my recent past
* Testability as an explicit focus, to enhance maintainability and supportability
* What habits, behaviours and skills could mould testers into a testability adepts

About Ash Winter
I'm Ash Winter, an independent tester and conference speaker. My formative years as a consultant gave a broad background in software development, providing experience in testing, performance engineering, and automation of both build and test. I even spent a while being a Scrum Master and Product Owner. This set me up for a move into the crazy world of start-ups, which left me with a tale or two to tell. After exploring all these options, I decided that focusing on testing was my path and I work for myself now. Spending my time speaking, training, writing, performing testing for clients, coaching when invited to find answers to difficult problems. In order for testing to advance as a craft, I believe in a strong focus on community. Sharing knowledge and skills within and across organisations is key to helping everyone to be the best they can be. To this end, I am very proud to say I'm a co-organiser for the Leeds Testing Atelier. A free full day community testing workshop, for all people involved in testing.

Exploratory Testing like a Hacker – René de Sain
Exploratory testing is a great way to discover new testcases, while simultaneously learning about the software under test and finding actual defects. While being a very useful test technique, exploratory testing usually comes down to “manual” labour. That doesn’t mean though that we can’t use tools and automation to our advantage here!
Being a ‘software security enthusiast’ I’ve come across a lot of hacker tools and scripts, including the hacker community all-time favorite tool: Burp Suite. When experimenting with this tool, I realized this could very well be used for functional testing as well.
In this session I’ll share some personal test stories and challenges I’ve encountered during exploratory testing. I will demonstrate with some real-world examples, how an “intercepting proxy” like Burp Suite can assist you in creating test data sets or discovering new testcases while testing web applications or APIs.

About René de Sain
René de Sain is a test engineer at bol.com, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, who is passionate about information security. He is experienced in setting up test automation within bol.com’s microservices architecture and is currently part of bol.com IT security team, where he works to make bol.com and The Internet a safer place.