Automated Visual Testing: The Missing Part of your CI Pipeline?


After a bit of a delay, we're excited to host our first meet-up of 2018 at Yolk Recruitment's lovely offices in The Shell, Cardiff.

We're also excited to have Viv Richards as our main speaker, talking about his experiences with Automated Visual Testing.

Including tests for the design and the look of the website into your CI (Continuous Integration) automation suite is a huge step forward in ensuring mistakes don't slip through the net. Testers no longer have to play a game of spot-the-difference to find potentially high-impact mistakes, such as mis-aligned buttons that can be selected by Selenium but are hidden from a real user, or text and images accidentally changing or disappearing off screen.

It’s a really interesting tale of how this tricky problem was overcome, so please do join us (and yes, there will be free beer and pizza!)

We'd also like to start each meetup with some five-minute micro-talks, so if you've tried a new testing tool or methodology recently and want to share your experiences with the group (good or bad) please do drop us an email or let us know on the day*

See you there!


* Something we're especially keen to look at is the new wave of AI testing tools coming through, so if anyone's had a play with them, please do share your experiences!