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#TestLab Meetup with James Bach on Building Skills and Reputation

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#TestLab Meetup with James Bach on Skills and Reputation

Join us for a unique chance to meetup with James Bach, who is in Copenhagen this week! James is going to talk to us about ‘Skills and Reputation’.

If you think your boss should be in charge of your career…you’re dead wrong!

From "high school dropout" to the (probably) highest paid software-testing expert and a sort of person that everyone would want to know about and many would love to invite as speaker!
Get a chance of meeting the (probably) most controversial and inspiring tester and former developer and get to know (and question) why James is not certified and why he thinks you should be in charge of your own career.

Some quotes from James talk at an earlier occasion:

“…If you think of testing in such a way that you make testing into a mechanical factory like process, you are creating a situation where it’s easy for people who cost a tenth of what you cost to do EXACTLY the job that you say you're doing…which is VERY attractive to people managers who don't know anything about testing…”

“…so you've spend years convincing us that we should script everything so that it can move from tester to tester so easily…”
“…and we just found there’s a testing company in India that we like to outsource all our stuff to and then we'd say goodbye to you…”

“…competing with 110,000 people who are aggressively trying to be as much like each other as possible, is maybe a poor strategy…”
“…maybe a better strategy would be to develop yourself to be a unique testing resource…”

Shortly about the program:

We start slowly at 18:30 and expect James to arrive just before 19:00.

After a short welcome to Trustpilot by Sukesh Mallipalli , Morten Hougaard from PrettyGoodTesting will introduce James and shortly tell about why James is in Copenhagen.

There will be refreshments offered by Trustpilot and during James talk we will have a short break. At the end there will be some time for questions, debate and networking.


Morten Elvang
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We are grateful to PrettyGoodTesting for making this meetup with James possible and to Trustpilot for hosting us!

James Bach is in Copenhagen for “CopenhagenContext 2015 (” and to teach his course “Rapid Software Testing (RST) (”.

About James Bach

James Bach (consulting software tester and Buccaneer-Scholar) is an acclaimed innovator and coach in the field of software testing. After spending a few years as a video game programmer, in 1987 he became the youngest manager at Apple Computer when, at 20, he was hired to run a test team. He has been a tester ever since. He spent about ten years managing testing in Silicon Valley, but for the last fifteen years, he has travelled the world teaching the Rapid Software Testing (RST) methodology and serving as an expert witness on court cases involving software testing. James is the author of two books, Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar. His special focus is helping companies make the transition from "factory-style" testing (which ignores the role of human ingenuity and motivation) to systematic skilled software testing whereby each tester takes professional development seriously. He is a founder of the influential Context-Driven school of testing and a charter member of both the Association for Software Testing as well as the International Society for Software Testing.

James Bach on CopenhagenContext

”…I’m interested in CopenhagenContext specifically, because it is one of the few conferences and the newest conference, that is dedicated to context-driven software testing. And that’s why everyone should come to it - it’s a real testing conference for skilled testers...”

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