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This is a meetup focused on herbalism and plant medicine. We learn these subjects through herbology classes, events, scenarios and exercises that are all based on practical, herbal medicine in the field, at home, in a post-disaster setting, in wilderness or urban settings. Additionally, we teach standard Wilderness First Aid Certification.
Herbal Medics is working on becoming a 501(c)(3) organization in 2012. The main organizer and instructor is Sam Coffman, who is a former U.S. Special Forces Medic with over 20 years' experience working with plant medicine - especially in a field environment.

In order to fulfill a vision of herbalism-based, post-disaster aid, the emphasis of Herbal Medics is in self-sustainability in every way. This means that herbalists have to be able to thrive in remote and austere conditions. So not only do Herbal Medics need to have a sound understanding of plant medicine (herbology, aka herbalism), botany, gardening (growing your own herbs, etc.) but also a sound approach to treating acute illness and injury. Herbal Medics need to understand something about primitive living skills, urban survival, primitive engineering & salvage, setting up a remote clinic, security, logistics and other skills.

All these skills and more are taught at The Human Path, in Austin and San Antonio. The skills specific to herbalism, local medicinal plants, plant ID, diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and injury, Wilderness First Aid Certification and other related topics, are posted in this meetup.

For more information on other classes, go to The Human Path website (http://www.thehumanpath.com), or feel free to email either Sam or Suchil Coffman.

For more information, links, articles specific to herbalism, ditch medicine, wilderness first aid, etc., check out Treehugger Survival. (http://treehuggersurvival.com/herbalism-and-wilderness-first-aid.htm)

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