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Tezos UK presents Cryptium Labs - Tezos Foundation Grantee

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Greetings everyone, it has indeed been an eventful couple of weeks with the sentiment being taken out on the markets as we speak. There was of course the BCH fork and demonstrations of POW not being as secure as thought before. In these moments, it allows us to reflect on why Tezos is important. Not just because of its POS mechanisms, but its focus on the community that help bring technologies to the chain that could eventually make markets operate without intermediaries.

With that, I’m happy to introduce Christopher Goes, co-founder of Cryptium Labs, a grantee of the Tezos Foundation. He spends his time researching cryptoeconomic game theory, decentralized exchange protocols, smart contract language design and dependent type systems. He is also a researcher and developer in the Cosmos project. Don’t miss this chance to ask him questions about any of these topics or life in Zug!