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Every 4th Thursday of the month

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Tezos in Asia has seen tremendous momentum over the last few months but this is only the beginning. The UK community is seeking business professionals, developers and potential project ambassadors to help educate enterprises, legislators and startups in blockchain use cases and the value of the Tezos platform.

In Japan, we have received Arthur Breitman on two different occasions, the first taking a deep dive into exploring governance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yijuk2hHJJM - and during the second, we were joined by Kathleen Breitman and community leads in Singapore and Korea listening to their progress and visions.

Tezos is a vibrant community, with startups from New York, cryptonomic.tech - Paris, ocryptounion.io - Zug, tezos.cryptium.ch - with various up and coming startups in Asia and UK. Additionally, there are numerous foundations working behind the scenes engaging with multiple research institutes, please read more here: tezos.foundation