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Let’s forget our hard working week and thanks god it’s freaking FRIDAY! What’s so special about this group is I am such an bad organizer and often throw an event on the very last min. Plus, you may find lots of misspelling from my event description…LOL...

The reason why I create this group is to meet more people in HK who is about the same age like me and would love to hang out on Friday night after work or weekend. In other word, this group is designed for people who are looking for friendship and connection between the age of 28-38.

Here’s the benefit of joining this group

1. There is no strict commitment to attend and I will never kick you out from my group. If you can make it, that’s great! If not, I will see you next time. You will never receive any of my text msg to chase you when you are gonna arrive. Just chillax!

2. It’s a very casual group gathering for FUN from the age between 25-38 as I found some groups have lots of young people just barely got out from the college that I can feel the gap between.. hahaha.. No. offense!

3. A variety of recreational activities: hanging out for drinks after work, fun board games, movies, hiking (not the difficult or challenge one) , badminton, festival celebration, fun weekend gateway, travelling, karaoke, treasure hunting, video game night, charity ball, visiting park, museums / historical places in HK or Macau or Simply just get together for PARTIES!!

If you are thinking what you gonna do for this coming weekend, this group is designed for you to join.

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Needs a location

Let's go to Fashion Accessory Expo today


Ice skating

Elements 圓方

Half Day Trip to Sam Mun Tsai & Ma Shi Chau 三門仔&馬屎洲半日遊

Meet in front of Starbucks Just outside of Tai Po Market MTR paid area.

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