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We are ‘The 48%’, a pro Remain, anti Brexit group with the clear objective of keeping the United Kingdom within the European Union. We firmly believe in the fact that membership of the European Union helps safeguard our rights and freedoms, as well as provide social and economic partnerships that otherwise would be difficult, expensive or impossible.

Our primary goal is for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union under their current membership terms. We will only seek the next “best deal” when remaining is not legally achievable.

We work to facilitate discussion, share ideas, promote and to lead projects that give a voice to those sympathetic to our mission.

We are a party-politically neutral organisation. We do not receive nor supply funding to any political party, nor do we provide a platform for party divisive or promotional activity. We value unity and we recognise that the threat of Brexit is a problem that affects all walks of life, and all political colours.

Our public-facing website, containing articles and regular updates available to all, can be found at:


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