What we're about

The ADBC is back open and accepting new members!

Do you want to read, but lack motivation and attention span? Do you know you're a well read person on the inside? Are you a busy bee that is looking for something to make you pause your life for a few hours? If you checked one or more of these boxes--then this is the book club for you!

The Origin:

My story in a nutshell is that I find book clubs intimidating. I have ADHD, and most clubs just will not/can not accommodate for that difference. But that's okay! Because I am structuring this book club around people with a lack of attention span.

The Breakdown:

This is how it works! Once a month we will nominate a few books at the meeting. We will determine which book we feel like we will have time to read within the next month, and we will meet once a month (in a public space on a weekend) to discuss it. All genres are permitted in ADBC, and members will switch off nominating books. The group leader will also nominate a book, so that there is variety.

There will be a reach book. A reach book will be a book of longer length that we will discuss every three months. This book will be discussed in either a separate meeting or in the normal monthly meeting. If someone has only finished part of the longer book, but wants to be part of the meeting--no worries! We will discuss the book up to the point that the members have read and discuss the rest on a forum.

This is about building community, bolstering confidence, and expanding our minds. Guilt and disappointment have no place here.

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