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Have you created a vision board where none of those visions came true. Or have you hired a business coach and yet you seem to have remained in the same place or even took a step back? Are you a student of the Law of Attraction and somehow you failed at that too?

Believe me, we get it! We have walked in your shoes before, until we discovered the secret to attracting joy and prosperity into our lives and business…

Hi, we are Ressel Yu and Harriette Tapia, Quantum Healers and Founders of the Abundance Center. We help business owners and entrepreneurs unpack emotional baggage and eliminate those invisible blocks that are preventing them from having a truly successful and happy life. And because in the past we were broken and wounded, we have a greater understanding and compassion for those that are struggling as well. By eliminating our own emotional baggage, we rediscovered that smile on our souls and our mission is to help others get their smile back on their soul.

During our time together, we will discuss some challenges that the group is experiencing in their life and business and we remove the blocks that are preventing them from reaching their goal. Some imbalances that we will be correcting, but not limited to: Procrastination, self-sabotage, anxiety, weight-loss, fear, visibility and low self-worth.

So, When you’re ready to begin living the life you created on your vision board, we're here to help!

Ressel and Harriette

Be well and may your life be filled with abundance!

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