• 2022 Southern Croatia Food & Wine Trip

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    Wander with us for 8 days along the Southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia. This is a trip is for people who love to wander, eat & drink. We are going to several carefully picked vineyards throughout the Dalmatian coast and embarking on historic walks and food tours throughout several UNESCO world heritage cities.

    This trip begins in spectacular Split and takes a meandering pace east to rural region of Imotski famous for its red and blue lakes and wine. Then the island hopping begins as we travel to the island of Korčula and onward to the famous Pelejšac peninsula, known as the ‘empire of wine‘. The tour concludes in grand style with a couple days in Dubrovnik, the famed walled city and perhaps one of the most magestic in the world.

    Here is an idea of what’s in store on your 9 days in Croatia:

    UNESCO World Heritage Cities Like Split, Korcula & Dubrovnik
    Oyster Boat Tour near walled city of Ston
    Food tour in Old Town of Dubrovnik
    Overnight in rustic farm village with traditional Peka dinner & wine
    Exclusive wine tastings at some of Croati'a best vineyards (trust me it's amazing wine)

    First 14 wanderers:

  • Argentina Scouting Trip

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    ## Argentina without a plan......

    Join the TAG (The Adventure Gal) Team, Megan & Lindsey, on a scouting trip as we plan our 1st TAG food & wine trip to Argentina. This is not like other trips, we don't have an itinerary or everything figured out. We will be drinking and eating our way through new vineyards and restaurants, checking out new hotels and fun things to do, hence, it's a scouting trip.

    Megan was recently in Argentina and needs another ‘research trip’ or excuse to drink wine as a tax deduction. This will be Lindsey’s first trip to this magical land of wine & meat. Why the heck would you want to go on a half-baked big unknown trip to Argentina? Cause it's going to be with 2 experienced travelers, it's going to be a total blast and it's going to be cheap, much cheaper than our normal TAG trips.

    Get more details from the website but the trip is $1750 (no flights included) and includes 4 nights in Buenos Aires & 4 nights in Mendoza plus other stuff.

    Open to first 4 people.

  • 2023 Iceland Summer Solstice Trip

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    Hey Explorers!

    I am going back to Iceland next year for Summer Solstice. This trip will start in Reykjavik and head east and finish in Northern Iceland. It's an active trip that will feature a lot of hiking and exploring in addition to thermal pools.

    I have room for 7 additional explorers. I keep my groups 8 or less. Reach out if you have questions. The rough itinerary is on my website.

    All the attached photos were taken on June 2022's trip.



  • 2023 Iceland Adventure Trip

    Needs a location

    This is the 2nd Iceland trip on the schedule for 2023. This one is about $1k cheaper than trip #1. There are fewer meals and excursions included.

    This is an Iceland trip for our hard-core adventurers. We are spending 90% of our days in Northern Iceland among the whales of Husavik, the trolls of Akureyri, and the faires of Lake Myvatn.

    Just as the title suggests, this trip will encompass the best of North Iceland's landscapes after-hours. You are in Iceland during the summer when sunsets occur after 11 pm and the barren landscapes will be free of people and tour buses.

    The trip starts at $2950.
    June 25- July 2, 2023
    All photos were taken on the Iceland 2022 trip.

    More details: https://theadventuregals.com/tour/iceland-adventure-tour/

  • The Azores Island Field Trip

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    The Azores are a little-known set of 9 islands belonging to Portugal located in the middle of the Atlantic. I am putting together a small group trip for September 2023. The trip will include hotels, some meals, a wine tasting, and hot springs. In addition, we will be doing lots of hikes.

    The itinerary has us on 2 of the 9 islands: Pico & Sao Miguel. One is known for its volcano and wine and the other is its largest with lots of cows and hydrangeas bushes.

    This trip is 9 days and $2200. See the link for more details. This trip will only have 4-6 ppl.