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Agility is directly related to keeping a sustainable pace of working. The Kanban Visual Management board is the most advanced (and the simplest!) tool to detect when and where a team struggle with some work.
This interactive session will explore the dimensions of Kanban Visual Management Board that helps teams organising their work and keeping their workflow in a healthy shape.
At the end of this session, the participants will be able to build or to improve their own Kanban board in their very own context and to use it to drive the workflow of a team.

Romain Vailleux is an organisational coach and consultant who leverages corporate culture, collective intelligence and feedback mechanisms to transform companies into Learning Organisations. Learning Organisations are easily coping with responding to a contextual event or efficiently exploring new markets, by fostering the learning process at every level of the organisation.
Romain is part of OCTO Technology, a versatile coaching, consulting and delivery firm based in Sydney that enables long-lasting companies transformation thanks to stunning software quality practices, culture-shaping activities and cross-disciplinary expertise.
In 2008, Romain founded Hop-Cube, a software editor focus on sustainability, that was bought out 6 years later.

- Kaban Visual Management - An introduction - 20 min
- Workshop - Build your Kaban - 45 min
- Sharing some best practices from the battlefield - 25 min

Tuesday 18th of June.
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with registration and networking starts from 5:30 pm.

BlueChili, Level 1, 125 York St, Sydney, 2000

Thanks to Red Hat Open Innovation Labs for sponsoring this event.
** Food and drinks will be provided.