Benebell Wen Free Tarot Online Courses!


Hi Everybody! This is a perpetual meetup you can do any time at home on your own computer or mobile device. Benebell has fantastic FREE online courses and learning materials. Just go to her site and have at it!

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot and the Spirit Keepers Tarot Deck, is a very active reader and productive teacher and creator of tarot learning materials. She is currently creating a free video series on the 78 cards and comparing the imagery of several tarot deck models, including Tarot de Marseille (ben Doav version), the Crowley Thoth deck, her own Spirit Keeper deck.

Benebell has many free tarot courses available on her website. Plus most of her Holistic Tarot book companion charts and lessons are free for you to download.

Visit her web site and enjoy your learning experience!

Take a moment to subscribe to her blog posts and take advantage of her monthly free lessons and deck/book reviews.

Namaste, Cheryl Ryder, ABQ Tarot Tribe Organizer