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The shooting lasers on oil rigs and taste-based personalization edition

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Gijs M. and Vincent Damian W.


Hello everyone! Awesome, we didn't even describe the talks yet and the meetup is already almost full. Great to see the group is still so alive and kicking after this too-long period of silence!

This evening we have two speakers, Bram Stoeller of Kubiko and Vladimir Nedović of Flavourspace.

Agenda estimate:
18:00 doors open
18:30 pizza arrive
19:15 talks 1
19:45 break
20:00 talk 2
20:30 post talk networking and drinks

Bram's talk description:
Guano (bird shit) is a serious problem on the helidecks of unmanned offshore oil and gas platforms. We at Kubiko developed a device that recognizes birds at a large distance (yes, using a deep net) and scares them with a laser projector. Currently the annual cleaning costs per helideck are high; so an AI solution to this problem sounds like a gold mine. You just need a camera, a processor and a laser projector; tie it all together and enjoy the happy life.

About Bram:
Bram Stoeller (33) completed his master in artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in 2012. At first, he was employed by a computer vision company and after a few years, he started for himself. He partnered up with Folkert Huizinga (also MSc Artificial Intelligence) and Rien Ramerman (MSc Business Administration); together they run two AI-minded companies, Brain Builders and Kubiko.
Brain Builders is a general AI company, advising about deep learning, machine vision et cetera and supporting existing development teams. At Kubiko they develop a very specific product for a niche market; a (vision based) bird scaring device for the helidecks on offshore oil and gas platforms.

Vladimir's talk description:
The mission of Flavourspace is to empower people to deepen their relationship with food. Our products integrate food data science and consumer-centric AI solutions to enhance the personalization of customer interactions. We focus on taste and match people with foods they love. Flavourspace's digital taste passport stores unique personal tastes and health profiles, whereas consumer food habit data provides insights and generates strategic advice.

About Vladimir:
Vladimir Nedović grew up on the Adriatic coast eating fresh and healthy food. In 2000 he moved to the US for study and encountered a somewhat different food culture. Back in Europe, he obtained MSc and PhD degrees in AI at the University of Amsterdam. Dreaming up an AI sous-chef, he brought the two things (food & AI) together in Flavourspace. In the company, he is responsible for the product and for relationships with the scientific community, supervising students and other R&D projects.

are you as excited as we are? See you there!

Wibaustraat 200 · Amsterdam
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