Meet Your Spirit Guide/Inner Being

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• In this meetup I show you how to make a conscious connection with your own Inner Being, your spirit guide, higher power, guardian angel, true self... it has been called by many different names, the same benevolent, non-physical part of your own personhood. • If you are familiar with Abraham-Hicks' work then you should already understand the purpose of your Inner Being, and how useful it can be to receive inner guidance just for you. Years ago I was taught this easy and respectful method of introducing other people to their own Inner Being. My methods insure you will remain present, wide awake, alert, and in total control, never will you be asked to give yourself over to anyone or anything outside yourself while you are making conscious contact with your Inner Being. • Wear comfortable clothes. We will be sitting on floor cushions.

• Doors open at 6:45. Please arrive before 7pm to get upstairs and settled before we begin so we make the most of the time we have. • Space is limited. • Fee: €20 per person. • To prepare to meet your Inner Being, simply decide that you are ready, and be open to meet your non-physical guides.

I look forward to seeing you!