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Sandy Anastasi sometimes offers workshops in the Tampa area and usually always has a live, online class going on in order to help others awaken to abilities they have only dreamed of! Like many who realize their psychic gifts later in life, Sandy Anastasi awakened to her abilities in her late 20’s. She understood that many people develop deep psychological problems because their psychic abilities are misunderstood and often blocked. These insights and an inner need to pass on her knowledge and abilities led her to begin teaching others to develop their own psychic gifts. She believes that if you are psychic, you MUST use your gifts, or at least learn to control them, or they will use you! Sandy has many psychic gifts, but she believes her greatest to be the ability to identify and emulate the gifts of others. Because of that she is uniquely suited to teach people to open and develop those very gifts in themselves. She developed The Anastasi System of Psychic Development, which has given many well-known professional psychics their start, and has helped thousands of people to understand and develop their psychic abilities.

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