What we're about

Book lovers converge to share their favorite reads and discover new literature.

Have you read something so good lately that you've been bursting to tell someone about it? Are you looking for ways to socialize and have good discussions without the "reading assignment" pressure of a book club?

The Exchange is for you!

The Exchange is launching to bring folks together in the DMV and open our world to stories we might never have heard otherwise.

We meet once a month at a coffee shop, pub, bookstore, or wine bar in or around Arlington to talk about the books we want to share and get to know each other. Special outings to book fests, sales, storytelling events, etc. will also be scheduled as they arise.

Here's how it works:
Come to one of ABE's monthly exchanges
Bring a book (and be ready to tell the group what you love about it!)
Borrow a book from a fellow bookie and read it over the next month.
Return the book at the next exchange & repeat!

The Exchange is open to book lovers of every sort and seeks to provide a warm and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life.

For your awareness:

The Exchange is based on the honor system, so don't lend any family heirlooms or any books you'll need back soon.

If you are unable to return or replace a book within a month, you'll be given a second month grace period during which you cannot borrow any more books from group members.

If anyone fails to return/replace a borrowed book within the two month time frame, they'll be removed from the group.

Past events (5)

April Book Exchange #2 (Last one before summer!)

Central Coffee Bar

April Book Exchange

Republik Coffee Bar

March Book Exchange

Central Coffee Bar

February Books+Booze


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