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The Universal Experience
An intimate encounter with your own death. “If somebody could only take part in a single workshop with me, I would say to them, make it this one!” Alan How we regard death has everything to do with how we live life. We can be devastated by the loss of friends, lovers and partners, as much through parting as through death. The loss of possessions, career and security can overwhelm our sense of well-being. Even in the good times we often live with a quiet undercurrent of concern about the future. At root is our fear of life’s greatest let-go, our own death. Every goodbye that hurts, every let-go that we can’t accept, shows us this fear. The Universal Experience is a life-changing 3-day encounter with your own death. It is a journey through which you discover an extraordinary personal freedom as you learn how to say goodbye and how to surrender to the mystery of death. On the way you come to recognize the real meaning of your relationships with the people close to you, and of your connection with everything in life. In a way that can seem quite magical, you find yourself letting go of old fears, hurts and struggles, and re-emerging into the here-and-now flow of your life with more lightness, playfulness, wisdom, compassion and aliveness than you perhaps could have imagined! No theory, no dogma; just you opening into profound acceptance of this universal experience that awaits us all. There is no way to say how important this workshop is! You receive its gifts in your own being, and from you they flow into existence. The Universal Experience will almost certainly transform your relationship with death. Its greatest blessing, however, is the effect it is likely to have on the way you live your daily life. Tickets here:

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If you're looking to expand the boundaries of your personal life, or are already aware of Alan Lowen and The Art of Being® and would like the opportunity to meet Alan and experience what you've been hearing about, you are welcome! Join our Meetup group, come to a London evening event, perhaps participate in one of the longer workshops. What awaits you? Group and individual processes to enhance your personal presence and enrich your feeling life, guided meditations, dance, tantric exploration, circle-work, and the insight and guidance of Alan - all designed to serve your personal journey. And you can be sure of some wonderful surprises along the way!

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