What we're about

Need a mental recharge but sick of formulaic studio workouts? Can't quite find the wall art you're in need of? The Art of Crafting offers affordable and easy-to-learn maker hours with all of the cognitive rejuvenation at half of a boutique studio fee. Think of us like a creativity gym - just like your physical muscles, your mental muscles need to be exercised regularly to maintain strength and flexibility. Our crafting hours help you with exactly that!

We like making things and you will too. We make things for daily use and decorations. We make things that give back to our community and pay it forward. We make things that may not look nice, not instagrammable, because we are not afraid of failure, starting over, or scrapping something. We make things because making things makes us feel relaxed, accomplished, and happy. We make things because making things is yoga for the hands, heart, and mind.
We welcome you to the community of crafting.

Spend the first 15 minutes of a session learning how to do the craft, and stay as long as you want. Take home what you've finished or bring what you've started. Bring your own food or order in a pizza (ask us if we want in). Tell your friends and grow our community of crafting.

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