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Heal The Mother Merge-Free Webinar
If you struggle with issues around sex and relationship, and nothing you have done (therapy, healing modalities, etc.) has shifted it, most likely what is at the heart of your issue is the mother wound. Healing the mother wound is part of what moved me from 20 years of painful sex, to deeply enjoying sex. Common mother wound issues include: Feeling shame about/hating your body. Difficulty enjoying sex. Painful sex. Low energy/low libido. Feeling perpetually disappointed by the opposite sex. Attracting emotionally unavailable partners. Feeling like nothing works out for you in regards to sex and relationship. This Friday, I'll be teaching a free tele-class on healing the mother wound. click here to register: In this free class you will learn: • What the mother wound is, and how it keeps you from resolving issues around sex and relationship. • A powerful process to heal the mother wound, and finally move past sex and relationship issues that have been plaguing you for years. • If you are a mother, learn how to not pass the mother wound down to your children. This is a process that I teach my private clients, that has helped them shift long-term issues: "When Sarah took me through the process of healing my mother wound, I finally understood why I've struggled with feeling disappointed by men my whole life and I felt empowered to change that. Using the mother wound process over a period of time, has completely transformed my relationship with men." -Cathy, Portland. I could never enjoy sex because I hated the way my body looked. Working with Sarah, I realized that my body issues were related to the mother wound, and when I did the mother wound process, I, for the first time, started loving my body. After that, sex with my husband became enjoyable. Let's just say, we are both happier now. -Mary, Oakland. If you can't be on the call live, I'll send you the recording.

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    What we're about

    How can we be Powerful AND Feminine?

    Women know a lot, and are being called like never before to show up and be seen and heard with their messages, gifts, and the full embodiment of their authentic selves.

    But many are struggling with the level of confidence and personal presence needed to stand out from all the noise out in the world. Some are confused about why they get mixed results-- sometimes attracting, sometimes repelling others.

    Many women also have a heart longing for a conscious and passionate relationship. But due to career, trauma and abuse, & societal conditioning, we've been cut off from the most Magnetic, Deeply Grounded, Receptive, Confident, Mysterious, Authentic, Passionate, Playful, Nourishing, Present, Succulent part of ourselves, --the part of ourselves needed to attract the kind of love we want. It's time to reconnect this part of ourselves!

    Come home, are safe here...

    Are you ready?

    You will experience practices that will instantly shift you into a more radiant, attractive, magnetic, present, wise, powerful, and joyful state with strong boundaries--it's your innate feminine essence!!

    During these workshops you will:

    * Develop a strong, magnetic presence that attracts the healthy attention you want: Personally and Professionally.

    * More fully understand how connecting to your feminine energy helps you attract and keep the intimate partnership you desire--increasing the polarity, playfulness, connection and spark!

    * Be Seen and Heard in the way the authentic and confident way that you want, in any room or situation-- inspiring change, impact, and connection--all while being at home in your own skin.

    * Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and feel more safe and at ease with receiving attention from healthy good men--- all while not attracting predatory energy from certain men or intimidating other women.

    * Increase your perceived value, so you attract vs chase clients, command respect, and charge what you are worth! Attract vs Chase your clients--stop exhausting yourself on that.

    * Learn energetically strong boundaries while keeping an open heart with those with predatory energy or draining energy.

    * Access the most attractive force you have within you – your beautiful intuitive powerful feminine essence and increase the joy meter in your life!

    * Learn a powerful moving meditation you can secretly do anywhere to easily accesses profound states of peace and joy, no matter what stress is going on around you.

    * Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen

    * Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room!

    * Connect with a safe sisterhood of dear friends who support you at the highest level, truly see you, and appreciate you. *******************************************************************************

    What is the 'feminine?'

    The Feminine Essence that lives inside every woman. Energy, ecstasy, empowerment, and effortless magnetism that is released when a woman activates her feminine essence. She becomes attractive, receptive, and sensual. She does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She is luminous, grounded, and juicy!

    It's a dynamic quality that every woman has access to. It cannot always be seen, but it can be felt. The 'feminine' is not about how much make-up you wear or how often you wear flowing skirts. What is presence?

    There are women who walk into a room and are noticed by many. They have an air of confidence about them that is attractive. There are others who frequently comment that "no one remembers I was even there." One has 'presence,' one does not. Have you ever said "that performer has a lot of stage presence?" Presence, which some people seem to have and others do not, can be developed more than you may realize.

    In the pursuit of a career, or having to take care of so many people around them, many women have disconnected from their feminine essence without realizing it. This affects everything. From being able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love, the state of our health, fulfillment in our work, and to the unfortunate situation of women competing against women everywhere.

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