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In the pursuit of equality and power, many women have taken on a more masculine role. In their desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality, and the feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant power—and is what men desire most. They have unwittingly closed down the ability to attract the healthy attention they want—from men and women—without even realizing they have done it.

There is yet another side to this coin. . .

In the pursuit of ‘spiritual awakening,’ and by placing emphasis on ‘being feminine’ and living a harmonious life, many women have cut themselves off from their desires and their ambitions. This often leads to living a less than courageous life, which is why so many women who are on a personal and spiritual growth path still feel like they have so many gifts inside them. They want to share what they have with the world and make a significant difference, but when they are honest with themselves, they are scared to step out in a larger way out of fear of judgment or overwhelm.

Our world is in desperate need of feminine role models who are courageous enough to speak their truth and live the life they desire.

The Art of Feminine Presence® is a cutting-edge holistic approach to women’s leadership and personal development. It teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful and feminine — and supports them in a community of other women who are stepping into this courageous place as well. Many of the women who attend these trainings are ‘reluctant leaders’ and/or ‘natural born leaders.’ They want to play a bigger game as an empowered woman and inspire others to stop ‘shrinking to fit’ into a society that promotes living a life of status quo and not dreaming too big.

For decades, we have been talking about the lack of women’s presence in the world, and we have made many positive steps towards lifting more women into power. The problem remains that we have not yet adequately questioned the very definition of power itself.

The Art of Feminine Presence® helps us redefine what it is to be an empowered feminine woman, so straight, gay, and transgendered women of all ages and cultures can have the tools to inspire change in their careers and in their communities and not burn themselves out.

Our vision is a world where both the feminine principle and the masculine principle are equally honored and valued – in business, in leadership, in relationships, in society.

When a woman’s feminine essence is disowned or undervalued her life suffers. When a culture devalues ‘the feminine’ it can cause serious challenges — like the environmental, humanitarian, and gender identity crises we face now.

To create a positive world-wide shift, we must learn to amplify our inner strength and ability to not be thrown off our center. To lead a fulfilling, healthy, and passionate life where we create what we want for everyone’s highest good, women must Be Seen, Be heard, and Inspire Change® in a grander way.

This is what we are committed to.

For more information about The Art of Feminine Presence's international community of women and what this meetup is based on, visit: TheArtOfFemininePresence.com/

The Creator

Rachael Jayne Groover is the author of the best-selling books “Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want" and "Divine Breadcrumbs: A Search for True Love and Enlightenment."

She is the creator of Art of Feminine Presence™ classes and trainings that are offered worldwide, by herself and over 200 certified teachers working with her.


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