What we're about

Meditation, breathing techniques, yoga and practical knowledge to improve the quality of life.

The Art of Living Happiness Program is a 3 days course where you learn techniques that will transform the way you manage your mind and emotions, and will establish a deep connection with yourself.

Here's a summary of what you can expect from the Program:

- Powerful breathing techniques, including the Sudarshan Kriya, to release physical and emotional stress, and bring you to deep states of meditation
- Guided Meditation
- Deeper understanding of the tendencies of the mind and how to overcome them
- How to live in the present moment
- A full practise that you can continue yourself at home
- Lifetime access to weekly groups and a global community

Reported benefits of the Happiness Programme techniques include:

- Reduced stress & anxiety
- Self-confidence
- Improved focus
- Higher levels of optimism
- Spiritual growth
- Deeper sleep
- Improved immune system

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Meditation and Breath workshop (ONLINE)

Online event

At a time when we are less able to spend time together physically this is an opportunity to learn powerful techniques to de-stress, calm the mind and to connect with our own Self.

Meditation and breath workshop (online)

A transformative workshop with breathe work, meditation & renowned Sudarshan Kriya at the core.

Conducted by Borja Carsi

Course dates: 15-17 October 2021

Fri: 7pm-10pm
Sat & Sun: 10.00am-13.00pm

Repeater fee: EUR 50
Regular online fee: EUR 250

Link to register: https: https://www.artofliving.org/lu-en/program/139

Would love to have you there!

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FREE Meditation and Breath Workshop Online!

Online event

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