What we're about

Join us, in Addison, a supportive, nourishing, fun community of women…

A sacred space to: connect, inspire, empower, nourish and live from truth.

My intention for these sisterhood gatherings is to support women to connect to themselves and get visible towards their uniqueness and preferences.

Too long we have been doing our self-work in isolation or in the darkness/confines of our homes and closets.

Now is the time for us to emerge from the isolation and join together.

To see, hear, and witness our sisters.

To know that we are more alike than different.

To have your wisdom reflected by another sister.

To put down the lens of comparison and allow ourselves to sit inside our brilliance while at the same time celebrating our sisters.

This Sister Circle is about being seen, shining, loving who we are, as unique beings, and not having to fit a mold in order to be lovable, and to thrive.

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