• Casual Dining Out: Choong Man Chicken & Cents Taro Family

    ChoongMan Chicken - Fairfax

    Welcome to Casual Dining Out: our event series where we can explore some of the region's best culinary offerings that require much less of a wait....and usually less waitstaff! This week: Korean fried chicken and a brand new Asian dessert oasis. The seating is limited! So get in quick!!! As seating can be limited at some venues, we will likely have a limited RSVP list for many of these events, so get in early if you wish to join. Those on the waitlist may still have a chance to participate, but admittance is guaranteed to no one..................sooooo.....................sign up early. Oh! And bring a friend to share! If you have an idea for a future Casual Dining Out, we'd love to consider it. As always, please be respectful. Period.

  • Return to Mama Chang

    MaMa Chang

    By special request, we are making a return visit to MaMa Chang, the newest of premier upscale Chinese restaurants by renowned chef Peter Chang. RSVPs are limited, so sign up ASAP.

  • Karaoke!

    East Grill Karaoke

    A lot of people say they like karaoke. Well.....it's time to see who's ready to put a microphone where they're mouth is as we do a little Sunday afternoon singing sesh. Here's how it will work: When you RSVP, you will be placed onto the waitlist immediately. You will need to reach out to Ryan to arrange for payment, which will be $12 per person. Once this is done, you will be added to "going" and will be officially in the event. (Don't forget to pay for guests if you have any.) However much money we collect, that's how long we'll stay. This establishment is a little more of a restaurant than the typical karaoke bar, so you may eat here if you wish, and/or you can join us for a place nearby in Rockville Town Square afterwards.

  • Under the Moonlight Monument Walk

    Washington Monument

    Let's tour DC monuments at night when they are all lit up, for free! Don't forget to get your camera ready. Here's our hiking route: https://goo.gl/maps/9stxHHCvMEYQD8Pu6 Nearest metro: Smithsonian (orange, blue, and silver lines) NOTE: If rain is in the forecast, we might postpone Monument Walk to a later date.

  • "Take me out to the Ballgame", Nationals vs. Dodgers

    After 150 years, it seems safe to say that this professional baseball thing is not going away anytime soon, so why not check out a game with us as we watch our local Nationals play some LA team? We will be trying to get tickets as a group as best we can the week of the game for the 4 PM game on Saturday, July 27th, so if you want to get tickets with us, here's how it works: Contact Nancy or Ryan (the two hosts) to arrange payment. We will likely prefer you pay us through PayPal or Venmo, but other methods will be considered. We will be asking for $40 from everyone interested and will be getting the best tickets we can with that amount. Any funds not used will be returned or donated to Asian Dining Out and Activities to help pay bills (whichever you prefer, please specify upon paying). We will set a deadline of this for Sunday, July 21st. We will be meeting up before the game at 2:45 PM at Takorean nearby for anyone who wants a pregame meal that doesn't require stadium prices. If you're not coming to this, then try to meet us at 3:45 PM at the centerfield gate. And now, the notes that help prevent the FAQ's: 1.) In the event of rain, tornadoes, snow, a tsunami, global warming, giant monsters, or anything else that prevents the game from taking place, any tickets we purchase will be subject to however MLB decides to offer us compensation, which could simply be a rescheduling of the game. We may not necessarily be able to offer refunds if this happens, so it's best not to expect it. 2.) Do not bring bottles filled with liquid, umbrellas, outside food, or anything that can be construed as drugs or weapons (even tiny pocketknives) into the stadium. You will be subject to metal detectors, bag searching, intimidation from security personnel, etc. 3.) You could possibly join us if you go your own way and purchase your own ticket, but sitting near us it not a guarantee. Plus, we'll know you're one of THOSE friends if you do. 4.) We will probably go somewhere afterwards, which will be decided sometime near the end of the game. 5.) You can bring friends/family to this, but not pets, unless your pet is imaginary, then you can bring him/her. 6.) Beware that baseballs, t-shirts, etc. are sometimes aerially distributed into the crowd. It is your responsibility to make sure you aren't harmed by any of these flying souvenirs. 7.) The best way to get to the stadium is via the Metro (Green line station Navy Yard), but you can drive and park, either at a great distance or a great cost, your choice. You can also Uber/Lyft or even possibly take a riverboat, though you'll have to research these options yourself if they intrigue you. Canoeing/kayaking is not recommended even if it is possible. 8.) It will probably be a hot day, but if you get cold easily, light jackets are encouraged. Voicing displeasure repeatedly is generally not. 9.) The stadium food options change slightly from year to year, but they usually have burgers, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, peanuts and Crackerjack, barbecue, fries, tacos, pupusas, soda, lemonade, beer, wine, ice cream, etc. What they probably don't have: healthy and/or cheap options. That's all for now. As always, be respectful.

  • Backlight Run

    Rosecraft Raceway

    The Blacklight Run™ is none other than the brightest, most fun 5K out there. At the Blacklight Run™ we aren’t focused on how fast or how far you can run, what type of exercise you enjoy, or if you’re an avid runner. We don’t care if you’ve never run a day in your life! Instead, we welcome any and all participants looking for a glowing good time. Whether you sprint it, run it, or walk it, it doesn’t matter to us! We simply want you to enjoy it. These three miles will be the best three miles you’ve ever spent with your friends and family—we promise. Free Registration ends June 2nd. https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/57028754/select-race?regnow=awe-regnow&_p=9953883640320054

  • Water Lantern Festival in Washington DC

    National Harbor

    Come join me at the Water Lantern Festival, and a great photo opportunity. If interested, please purchase your ticket thru the link below. I purchased mine, with refund protection. Also, for additional discounts, you could look for promo codes. I find one promo code, a two dollar discount thru Facebook. here is a link for tickets Your Custom Link: https://ticket.ticketspice.com/washingtondc?r=NANCY4642 www.waterlanternfestival.com Water Lantern Festival is an incredible experience where thousands of family, friends, and strangers celebrate life together. Water Lantern Festival brings together individuals from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to join in one emotional and memorable night. At the Water Lantern Festival, we cherish these moments and will do our best to help you have a memorable experience that you'll never forget as you witness the beauty of over 1000 lights reflecting upon the water.

  • Volunteering with Capital Area Food Bank

    You can probably tell by our group title alone that we love to celebrate food, but what doesn't get said often enough, is the importance of sharing that love of food with others. Let's talk about it with our actions by helping serve with the Capital Area Food Bank. Each month, the CAFB runs a farmer's market style food pantry for those families who have less access to affordable food options, and they ask volunteers to help assist in the process. Responsibilities involve setting up the entire market (including erecting folding tent structures, tables), setting up/sorting/handing out food, membership registration, managing the line, etc. Our particular community can also be of unique assistance to them as they are in particular need of Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic speakers at this market. Registration online for this event is quick and easy, just click below. You'll need to create an account the first time, but once it's set up, it should be easier for you to volunteer in the future if you wish to. https://volunteer.capitalareafoodbank.org/opportunity/a3M1R000000ZvAwUAK?fbclid=IwAR1DMs9cWrjN4QfZ5VNFTmx41Cf5nXhAlG7_uhop4w_tiQY2tQzxGTCYAqY There are limited volunteer slots available, so please get in quickly. While we appreciate your RSVPing to this Meetup page and letting us know that you're coming, you must still register through the site so as to officially sign up with the Capital Area Food Bank. Some additional notes for those volunteering: This event is in Reston, but it is the Capital Area Food Bank's wish to only release the exact location to volunteers who have officially registered. You should get a confirmation e-mail with the address once you are registered. This is an outdoor event so wear a hat, sunblock, etc. Do not park in the recreation center parking lot as that is where the market will be set up. Our understanding is that the rec center opens at 9 AM which has bathroom facilities and water fountains. Bringing your own water bottle may also be a good idea.

  • Foam Glow 5K

    Rosecroft Raceway

    Let's get together and do this fun summer event. August 10th. More details to come regarding the meeting point, and/or carpooling to the event. Foam Glow 5K™ is a fun filled experience exposing runners to Glowing Foam and a ton of Blacklights all over the course. Glowing runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds. Whether you are a long term runner or a walk around the park stroller, the 3 miles of the Foam Glow 5K™ course will have you shining bright and waiting for the next run. www.foamglow.com - under locations select Maryland. Early Registration is free till Jan 13. Why not register, since its free. run.https://youtu.be/yidKWnV0OEA

  • Chinese Street Market


    Popup Chinese Street Market- https://www.thepopupchinesestreetmarketdc.com Let's go and support this market, they also have a facebook page. Here is a description of from their post. STEAMED COLD NOODLES with SESAME or 凉(Liáng) 皮(Pí) MAIN INGREDIENTS: flour; cucumbers; bean sprouts; garlic sauce; chili oil; and sesame. TASTE and TEXTURE: steamed cold noodle skins offer a smooth texture accompanied by a strong garlic flavor and chili oil seasoning. HISTORY: the legend of 凉(Liáng) 皮(Pí) is set 2000 years ago during the Qin Dynasty, when after a particularly heavy drought, farmers were unable to meet the annual rice production quota imposed by the Qin Court. With the threat of the Emperor’s justice looming, a clever man named Li took what little rice he was able to harvestan ground it down into powder, which he then used to make dough. He steamed the dough, cut it into noodle-thin slices to mix with different sauces. Li presented these noodles to Emperor Qin, who was so taken with Li’s new dish that he ordered it every day thenceforth, and thus established what would become a traditional noodle dish