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In 2019 we will be moving our event communications to email (https://tinyurl.com/BlackHedgeFund.)and through our sponsor's Facebook page! Stay connected to learn about our upcoming events!

https://tinyurl.com/BlackHedgeFund .

Facebook Page: TemplarInvestmentGroup (https://www.facebook.com/TemplarInvestmentGroup/)

Anyone who understands that a sound investment strategy is critical to long-term financial health should consider joining this group.

Since the 2008 recession the overwhelming majority of all new wealth generated has been through investments and NOT income (Wage income levels remain flat). We simply cannot afford to miss out on another economic growth opportunity.

Specifically, if you've ever asked yourself some form of any of the three following questions, this group is for you!

1- Is it possible for my investing to be both socially conscious AND profitable for me?

2- Is it possible to be a part of something bigger than myself but still keep most of the freedom and flexibility of an independent investor?

3- What if other members in my community are not at the same investment stage as I am (i.e. intellectually, financially, or in terms of desired impact level)?

NOTE: We promise to provide a secure space where NO ONE will ever be pressured to invest to ANY degree they are not personally comfortable with.


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