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This group is loosely based on the idea of the 'Satsang' I attended while in India and, while it's good to be back in NZ, I am missing this kind of spiritual gathering and nourishment in my Auckland lifestyle. The purpose of this group is to be non-denominational and open to all spiritual paths/philosophies/religions/practice, as presented by a different speaker each month. A guest speaker will talk/share information about the path they are on, what they find meaningful about it and how they came upon it and how it can enrich our life. This will be followed by questions to the speaker and elaborations on any points. The purpose is for attendees to gain some knowledge and insight from the sharing and take away a meaningful gift to enrich themselves and thereby others their life. The 'Discussions' part of the title refers to the overall concept of the non-denominational aspect of the group, embracing all Spirituality and the inherent freedom of seekers to gain more knowledge, appreciate and embrace all of the spiritual messages, especially those they are 'mean't to hear at that moment.

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