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North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social (plus...Book Review)

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All are welcome to show up and chat about C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, Python, or software engineering in general. We'll have a sign saying "C/C++" on our table, so look for it!

The venue is an all-ages restaurant, which has a large menu of pub-style food. There is also an extensive array of beers from around the world to try out, plus a small selection of wines.

Format: During the first hour, people come in and find a seat at our table. At 8:00 we ask the servers not to interrupt for a little while, so we can give everyone a minute or so to talk about who they are and what's on their mind. After that, people can shuffle around into new groups based on those introductions. That's it!

Special Feature: Pearson Education sent me some review copies of the updated 5th edition of C++ Primer ( has been rewritten to teach C++11 facets from the get-go. When the box arrived it was so heavy that I thought "wow, how many copies did they send?" The answer was only three, they're just huge. We'll try not to spill any beer on the books as we look them over and decide who's going to review them.

Since they sent us $150-ish of rather interesting books to poke at, I'll shill for their Herb Sutter e-book giveaway ( as well. But lest you think I'm a sell out, I only took the books if they'd fill out the form with conditions of the gift written as "none". :)

The end time is listed as 9:00, but people can technically stick around until midnight!