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Do you like to watch sci-fi and/or fantasy movies? Well, how about BAD sci-fi and/or fantasy movies? Are you fond of hurling comical jabs and barbs at the screen while others point out the logical inconsistencies of said bad sci-fi and/or fantasy movies?

If you answered yes to the preceding questions, then you might want to check out the Sci-Fi Movie Meetup! Here at the Sci-Fi Movie Meetup, we've mangled such classics as Killer Clowns From Outer Space and Howard The Duck as well as recent gems like Battle: Los Angeles and Sharknado. And sometimes, we'll even watch a good movie!

We welcome new voices to our loud chorus of geek references, plot hole call outs and occasionally immature antics!

WARNING: It is ill-advised to bring a favorite movie to this meetup as we will rip into that movie like it was a respectable actor's last remaining shred of dignity and we were the SyFy Channel.

Past events (185)

48 Hour Film Project

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The 48 Hour SciFi (Short) Film Premier & Mixer

SW Theaters Lake Creek 7

The Austin Sci-Fi Movie Meetup Group Monthly Meetup

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Sci Fi Meetup - The Prequel

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