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The Authentic Relating Columbus group is a community made of diverse people that come together to share and support each other in growth, connection and love. Through the different practices and experiences, we expand our awareness, empathy, appreciation, and connection to each other.
Our meetups include Authentic Relating Games, closely related practices (circling), as well as purely social events (art/making, movies, museums, comedy, playful/active adventures, etc.)
Our pillar practice, Authentic Relating Games (AR Games) are a fun way to explore your sense of self, your connection to others, and communication techniques to improve your relationships with both.
Authentic Relating games range from fun icebreakers to deep challenging opportunities for personal and interpersonal growth.

The benefits of authentic Relating games are myriad. Sometimes they are specific tools or techniques to help navigate difficult scenarios and other times they are subtle states of mind that help form your perception in a more open, vulnerable, and humanistic way. The more you put into the games, the more you get out of them!

Although every games day can feel different due to a variety of variables, to get a feel for what an AR Games might feel like, you may want to read this article in the Atlantic:

Your head facilitators are a brother and sister duo. Steve is trained in facilitating AR Games and comes directly from the Austin, TX community (Atlantic Article). Lisa has been learning and helping to run and facilitate (The) Authentic Columbus for over 2 years. We welcome questions and feedback, as we are always striving to create optimal experiences and a strong community for everyone. We strive to create a warm and accepting environment that encourages growth, and we would love to meet you!
For More information visit: http://www.authrev.com (We are part of the larger Authentic Connection movement)
Our official Facebook page (events): https://www.facebook.com/TheARColumbus/
Our Facebook private page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/35184186199...

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