Letting go of the EX & on to the NEXT; LUNAR ECLIPS RELEASE CEREMONY

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Price: £10.00

Hyde Park

· London

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call me on: 07495 095 795 if having trouble

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HANG on-it's going to be a BIG one guys!
It's the full moon-on SPEED!

Get ready for a mofo of an eclipse as we prepare ourselves for the cleanse of THE YEAR!
Seeing as it's a turbo charged eclipse, prepare yourselves for an extremely emotional period as the heightened energies are in full swing! Think volcanic-like purging..
(Ok, maybe not THAT bad)

July's Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be one of the most intense astrological events of the year as it's all about releasing, letting go & shedding of the old, ESPECIALLY around the themes of romance/relationships.

As some of you have requested, this full moon will be dedicated to letting go of all those past relationships we are energetically hanging on to & that no longer serve our highest.

We will be releasing the romantic/traumatic karmic bonds of the old by freeing ourselves & releasing the energetic ties that hold us captive, so we can make way & invite in the new.

Thoughts to ponder on;

⭐️Is there an ex that you're holding onto?
⭐️Is hanging onto their energy serving you?
⭐️Do you want to invite something new in?
⭐️Are you ready to let go & surrender?
⭐️What is it that you would like to take with you in the future?
⭐️And what is it that you would like to leave behind?

As you all know, one must let go of the old to create space for the new, so get ready for a major cleanse as a shift is about to take place!


🌕 Attachments/karmic talk
🌕 Opening Ceremony
🌕 Channeled messages
🌕 Channeled Guided Meditation
🌕 Heart share
🌕 Collective energy healing
🌕 Grounding & connecting to mother earth
🌕 Releasing Ceremony

As you have probably already summed up, this ain't for the faint hearted folks!
So if you're serious about wanting change, then come and get down & dirty as we collectively purge what no longer serves us.
I look forward to sharing this journey to freedom with you all.


Energetic Exchange: £10 (cash preferable please 😊

What to bring:
• Pen/s
• notebook
• Water
• A towel/rug to sit on
• A jumper in case it gets cold
• Crystals-ESPECIALY rose quartz

Location: Hyde Park

*Spaces are limited to 15 so please make sure to RSVP "coming"

Until then Dreamers!

Lelian xoxo