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Ice cream and Dogs - A Sweet Combo
Sorry it's been so long since the last meetup. Between bad weather and personal injuries I've been out of action for awhile. However, the sun is shining and I'm itching to get out and about. Taking my dog makes everything more fun, and having a group of dogs is the best! So grab your leash and let's go. Please have your dog on a regular 6ft leash. No retractables, chain leashes or other funky leashes allowed. You need to be able to control your dog for everyone's safety. Make sure your dog's collar is snug (you can insert no more than 2 fingers underneath) so they don't slip their heads out and run down Glenwood Avenue. I'll bring water to share, but please feel free to bring water for your dog as well. Fresh also sells doggie sundaes so bring $$ for you and your dog. I'll be starting to plan future outings so bring your ideas of where you'd like to take your dogs next. Thanks, Paula

Fresh Local Ice Cream

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Frustrated because all the meet ups say "well behaved dogs welcome" and your dog just got kicked out of his/her third daycare? Too embarrassed to take your dog out in public? This is your group!

We're going to go out and be bad together. You can commiserate with your fellow bad dog owners, and compare horror stories. You don't have to be embarrassed because your dog isn't going to be the one misbehaving dog amongst a pack of perfectly obedient, certified, registered, perfect, Stepford dogs.

We plan to get together once a month and head out for fun activities including urban agility, drinks/food at dog friendly locations, and general socialization. How is this not going to be a disaster? I'm a certified dog trainer who used to teach obedience and manners. I'm not hosting to sell you anything. I will give you free advice if you ask for it. I take various dogs out all the time and would like to enjoy some casual company while I do so. Also, I meet a lot of people who would like to take their dogs out, but are afraid to do so. So come join us. I have A LOT of bad dog stories to share!

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