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Please note that I do not post ALL my games on MeetUp, for more games, join us in our Whatsapp GroupChat where we are more active and up to date! WhatsApp me at 93393471 to be added into the groupchat.

Also, if you're playing with/against a player that has lower standard in badminton than you, please be patient and friendly instead of being too competitive. Friendship is highly valued in our group. We are all here to have fun while exercising. Make someone's day and not ruin it.

Interact and make some new friends while exercising.

Just come and have fun, no pressure. We can learn as we play altogether!

2 hours game - SG$ 7

3 hours game - SG$ 10

Good shuttles used - RSL Classic.


Members please do RSVP responsibly. We will impose the penalty (you would have to pay for the session still) if:

1. You RSVP-ed but did not turn up . However, if you changed your RSVP status more than 24 hours before the game, you do not have to pay the penalty.

2. You RSVP-ed and want to DE-RSVP but there's no one on the waiting list to replace you.

Do feel free to bring your friend(s) along, but please indicate how many guests by stating it (for e.g. +1 if bring one friend, or +3 if bringing 3 friends).

I really hope to see you all soon!

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