Past Meetup

The Baltimore Magick Circle will meet in Katherine's home

Location visible to members


This Month we will work with the Pendulum and maybe astrology if our special quest can come.

Welcome Magickal Folk ...

Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will. An example of this would be to visualize the desired effect, empower it with energy and intensity ... and sent it out into the universe. The universe will work for us for the desired effect as we work for the desired effect as well.

A Magick Circle is the creation of sacred space in which we, the magickal practitioners, will perform our magickal workings.

For us the Magick Circle also refers to our meetup group which is a group of people focused on a common interest; and in this case our focus and purpose will be on the use of Magick to make changes in accordance to our will ... we can make changes for the good in every aspect of our lives ... we can make changes for the common good.

Join us if you are an adult magick user of any level. The Baltimore Magick Circle welcomes the magickal neophytes, the magickal adepts, and the magickal intermediates as well.